Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Video Analysis - Eminem ~ Without Me

Selling The Artist - This Video shows Eminem as a Super-Hero though he is dressed in a costume much like Robin's (from Batman), this could show that he doesnt think he's that important in the rapping world, or even that he thinks himself low despite being a big artist. It also shows him playing numerous characters showing his satirical humour making the viewers relate more to him.
Another way it sells Eminem is the way that it ingeniously traps the viewers into recognising the Eminem logo (the backwards E), this can be seen throughout the video like in the super hero costume, the ENN symbol and in the E! News logo. The main story line too is about a child buying Eminems CD, despite being too young and without parental guidance, as advised. This in a way could work as a reverse psychology method as buy saying dont buy this as its, 'rude' makes people want to buy it as it goes against the video.
Voyeurism - The way it is edited together with fast cuts makes the viewer focus more and also by having the comic book panel effect it creates a 'frame within a frame' making the viewers focus on specific events or things. The video works incredibly well to keep Eminem the main focus, as it depicts him always being the main character within the scene. The camera angles are usually focusing directly at Eminem, majority of the time with him in the center of the shot. For example   
 -In this shot it gives the audience an insight into Eminems sense of humour, childish yet satiricle, we see this as he is doing the childish act yet making fun of a reality tv show. It also places him within near the center, by doing this we see his childish act and also acknowledge Eminem as the main feature, despite him being in the background.
Genre Characteristics - It keeps its genre by having the traditional Rapping poses and the way it shows Eminem by himself just rapping. He has many close ups, the majority of them on him lyp syncing, they also tag onto varies parts of Eminem, once again creating this sense of Voyeurism. Which, is an often seen part of Rap videos. Despite not being a Rap video characteristic, Eminems satire is definately a characteristic of Eminem himself. As he often has amusing videos with, either a strong meaning or mimicing a serious/favorited subject.

This shows the generic 'close to screen' perspective which is often used in rap videos to show the artists lip syncing, here i have put a screen shot of Busta Rhymes to show that it isnt just Eminem who does this. They do this to show the 'raw' artist and show the way they rap and perform oftenly they move about a lot, though the camera does follow them to sell the artist more.
Visuals + Lyrics - The video connects with its lyrics a lot as it shows its literal sense, a lot. For Example: with the lyrics 'Little Hellions, kids feelin rebellious
Embarrassed their parents still listen to Elvis' it shows Eminem dressed as Elvis dancing around. This gives another insight into Eminems Comedic style.
Visuals + Music - With the Music Eminem is constantly shown bobbing his head to the beat of the music, which is also generic within the Genre of Rap.
Intertextuality - This video is full of intertextuality as it mimics many different aspects of media, For Example it shows a mimic of MTV, portraying many of its programs, also a comic book strip, as it has the reference to comics, it also relates to other TV programs such as Jerry Springer, The Real World, E News etc. I believe this is done to show that Eminem has a satiricle sense of humour, which distinguishes him from other rappers, who mainly have serious videos.

Here is a comparison between Robin (TV version) and Eminem there are subtle differences such as the cape and leggings though it is reckognisable in seconds, as the colour scheme is roughly the same, as well as the pose and location of badge and mask.

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